Friday, February 7, 2014

Twisty Figure 8 Teether

The Twisty Figure 8 Teether toy sold for $3.99 has been one of my daughter’s go to teething toys! It was a quick grab at the store, just looking for ANYTHING for my fussy daughter to chew on. This has turned into such a necessity for us! The multiple textures offer a great way for my daughter to explore and learn about different surfaces and all the colors make this very appealing! If her teeth aren’t bothering her, this doubles as a toy! I love watching as she twists it to form new shapes…she gets so captivated seeing how it twists around. This is a toy that gets a lot of attention from other babies when we take this toy on the go with us. The toy offers five different textures and endless ways to twist it around, keeping my daughter entertained and also learning as she has the control of creating new shapes. It is small enough to take along, the hard surface makes it easy to clean, I haven’t found a single complaint about it! I purchased this teether from Walmart, it is the munchkin brand.


  1. I like that you showed us the different shapes it forms. Is this heavy or light? I need to get my little man one of these. He keeps chewing on his playpen rails. Ugh. lol