Friday, February 7, 2014

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Premiere Bounce and Bloom Entertainer

I purchased the Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Premiere Bounce and Bloom Entertainer from Babies-R-Us for $69.99 and it was worth every penny! This entertainer allows for bouncing and spinning around 360 degrees to play with the ten interactive toys included around the seat. It has 3 adjustment levels to grow with your child.

 I bought this for my daughter at an age when she was not yet able to understand the concept of toys, so it was so awesome the first time I watched her spin herself around and figure out each toy! This toy has helped teach her how to interact with things around her and is a huge help to keep her entertained in a safe place where I know she has great support from the shape of the seat.

Two things that would make this entertainer even better would be having a higher adjustment level for a child's feet and also making it a little more portable friendly. I love that the foot level lowers so I can lower it for my daughter as she grows. But up until a little while ago, I had to stick a textbook on it so she wasn't standing on her tip toes. Also, I like to be able to move the entertainer to different rooms if I need to do cleaning or cooking and this entertainer isn't the most portable friendly (this could be due to the textbook I had to use on the foot rest).

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hand artwork follow up

so, as promised...I did up a "boy" version of the hand artwork....turns out it is a good thing I had a girl, because my "ties" look like "carrots," it didn't help that my color choice for paper wasn't helping
nevertheless, I hope it's good enough to get the idea across...and doing this gave me inspiration for a new project that I can't wait to modge podge and put up in my home!

lesson of the day...there are no mistakes in art!

here is my attempt at a men's tie
and here is my solution to my "tie" looking like a carrot!

Twisty Figure 8 Teether

The Twisty Figure 8 Teether toy sold for $3.99 has been one of my daughter’s go to teething toys! It was a quick grab at the store, just looking for ANYTHING for my fussy daughter to chew on. This has turned into such a necessity for us! The multiple textures offer a great way for my daughter to explore and learn about different surfaces and all the colors make this very appealing! If her teeth aren’t bothering her, this doubles as a toy! I love watching as she twists it to form new shapes…she gets so captivated seeing how it twists around. This is a toy that gets a lot of attention from other babies when we take this toy on the go with us. The toy offers five different textures and endless ways to twist it around, keeping my daughter entertained and also learning as she has the control of creating new shapes. It is small enough to take along, the hard surface makes it easy to clean, I haven’t found a single complaint about it! I purchased this teether from Walmart, it is the munchkin brand.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

wordless wednesday

my little fashion diva! not even a year old, and she can already rock the accessories!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

handprint art

my walls are bare! and I just simply don't have the time or money to go shopping around for tons of artwork that costs a bunch! So thanks to pinterest (which has become a VERY wonderful thing for me) I found cute ways to make artwork with handprints...I made my own spin off of one of the pieces I saw and I am very pleased with the result! I finished off by adding a small shelf underneath topped with empty baby food jars filled with flower petals from flowers my husband gave to me...VERY cheap project, and I had tons of fun doing it! Now I have a beautiful accent for my living room and its personalized so it means so much more to me!

HOW TO: paint the top half of the outfit freehand, then (if you have a squirmy 8 month old like me) I got one sample of her handprint and used that to create all the rest, I just used construction paper...BONUS- I turned that sample into a Christmas tree ornament(:
Glue on the handprints and wait for it to dry...then modge podge and youre done!!

~if you have a son, you can use the same concept and make a tie, then use the handprints to fill the tie(: I can make a sample of that and post it up!


8 months old, 6 months adjusted

I had just welcomed home my husband from field training, we were expecting our first baby...I had ten weeks to go. The next day I called labor and delivery saying I was experiencing pain and followed up with a call to my husband asking him to come get me and take me in. An hour later I was being transferred to a different hospital after the discovery that I was almost 4cm dilated. After spending two weeks in and out of hospitals my labor kept persisting until at 32 weeks, I was laying in yet another hospital bed being told I was too far dilated to stop the labor. Doctors and nurses rushing in and out, on the phone with the NICU located 90 miles away to get them prepared to come take my girl. All I could think was I was spending my last hours with my girl  safe inside me, where I knew she should be, where I knew she could continue to develop...the way it should be. 15 hours later, it was time for Claire Elizabeth to join us in the world...she came out screaming! It was such a relief...after being told to prepare for the worst, after being told that they would probably have to attach her to oxygen to help her breathe, she didn't need it! It was such an answer to prayers. That beautiful, perfect moment in time, life stood still. My husband asked, "you want to see her?" as he brought her over to me and I held my little angel for the first time. The doctors took her away to monitor her, we waited for updates on how she was doing...her pediatrician came in telling us our daughter was doing great, that she was a rock star. I begged to be with my daughter and when the hesitant nurse finally agreed, I went to see my little girl. She had the cutest little hat on, her chest lifted and lowered with each breath, she was covered in stickers connecting her to the monitors. I offered her my finger and we waited together until we heard the 'ding' of someone at the L&D doors. No one had to tell me who it was, I knew the NICU nurses had arrived to take her away. I tried my best to answer their questions and watched as they put her in this clear box with more monitors and stickers and wires. I returned to my room and waited, maybe not so patiently, to be released so that I could be with my newborn.

introducing my blog

Hello! I'm a marine wife with a beautiful eight month old baby girl named Claire. I am all about organization, DIY projects, and saving money! I LOVE being a mom and I LOVE being married to my Marine. I stay at home so I am always looking for new projects and crafts to help beautify my home and do things with my girl. I look forward sharing ideas I find and try out as well as discovering new ideas. My girl was born eight weeks early due to an unknown cause of preterm labor. We spent some time in the NICU before being able to bring her home. Life hasn't gone according to the plan we all tend to make for ourselves, but I have learned along the way that that's okay. Things can get crazy around the house with a growing baby at my heels and getting our home ready for my husband to get home every night, but I'm here to share my ways with you!