Tuesday, February 4, 2014

handprint art

my walls are bare! and I just simply don't have the time or money to go shopping around for tons of artwork that costs a bunch! So thanks to pinterest (which has become a VERY wonderful thing for me) I found cute ways to make artwork with handprints...I made my own spin off of one of the pieces I saw and I am very pleased with the result! I finished off by adding a small shelf underneath topped with empty baby food jars filled with flower petals from flowers my husband gave to me...VERY cheap project, and I had tons of fun doing it! Now I have a beautiful accent for my living room and its personalized so it means so much more to me!

HOW TO: paint the top half of the outfit freehand, then (if you have a squirmy 8 month old like me) I got one sample of her handprint and used that to create all the rest, I just used construction paper...BONUS- I turned that sample into a Christmas tree ornament(:
Glue on the handprints and wait for it to dry...then modge podge and youre done!!

~if you have a son, you can use the same concept and make a tie, then use the handprints to fill the tie(: I can make a sample of that and post it up!


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  1. I'd love to see the tie if you can do it. I think the dress is cute, especially in a girl's room. oh and pinterest is definitely addicting. Watch out. ;)