Friday, February 7, 2014

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Premiere Bounce and Bloom Entertainer

I purchased the Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Premiere Bounce and Bloom Entertainer from Babies-R-Us for $69.99 and it was worth every penny! This entertainer allows for bouncing and spinning around 360 degrees to play with the ten interactive toys included around the seat. It has 3 adjustment levels to grow with your child.

 I bought this for my daughter at an age when she was not yet able to understand the concept of toys, so it was so awesome the first time I watched her spin herself around and figure out each toy! This toy has helped teach her how to interact with things around her and is a huge help to keep her entertained in a safe place where I know she has great support from the shape of the seat.

Two things that would make this entertainer even better would be having a higher adjustment level for a child's feet and also making it a little more portable friendly. I love that the foot level lowers so I can lower it for my daughter as she grows. But up until a little while ago, I had to stick a textbook on it so she wasn't standing on her tip toes. Also, I like to be able to move the entertainer to different rooms if I need to do cleaning or cooking and this entertainer isn't the most portable friendly (this could be due to the textbook I had to use on the foot rest).

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  1. Nicoli loves his exersauser, he has a forest one with lions and giraffes. He loves looking at himself in his lion mirror.